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Problem Definition

European Refinery Client requested assistance with solids contamination in their DEA system. Corrosion issues in the regenerator bottom section and reboiler were reported. Amine analysis results were sent to SRE for review.

SRE’s Response – Solids contamination

Within one hour of receiving the request, SRE provided review of DEA analysis results and reported to the client that Heat Stable Amine Salt (HSAS) levels were considerably higher than maximum guideline level of 2 weight percent and were the probable cause of corrosion in the regenerator and reboiler.

The contamination in the system was the result of high corrosion rates found in the unit. A report on HSAS management was sent to the client. Additional guidance was provided to the client on short-term mitigation of HSAS using neutralization to immediately reduce the corrosion problem.


Using SRE’s guidelines, the client was able to reduce HSAS to an acceptable level. Solids contamination and corrosion rates were reduced.

SRE continues to provide assistance to this client to maintain the unit within guidelines for HSAS, solids and corrosion.