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Solids Contamination

Problem Definition European Refinery Client requested assistance with solids contamination in their DEA system. Corrosion issues in the regenerator bottom section and reboiler were reported.

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Oil refineries Sulfur Pit Degassing

Sulfur Pit Degassing

Why do we degas? Crude oil and natural gas contain sulfur compounds which get concentrated as they makes their way to the SRU in the

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KPIs Oil Refinery factory at the cloudy sky, petrochemical plant, Petroleum

KPIs for the SRU

Sulfur Recovery Engineering (SRE) clients often ask about Key Performance Indicators for their Sulfur Recovery Units. It is difficult to identify KPIs for the SRU

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Safety Factory worker discussing data with supervisor in metal factory

Safety First- SCBA Refresher

SRE’s conventional on-site SRU testing work almost always involves sour work. Whether analyzing SRU feed stream samples, which contain 98 percent H2S at several clients’

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