Ammonia Analysis – SRU Protection

SRE is the only firm in the Oil & Gas industry that can provide timely, on-site results with respect to ‘bulk’ and ‘trace’ ammonia testing. In addition to our standard ‘bulk’ ammonia analysis of refinery-based sour water stripper (SWS) acid gas feed streams, we are capable of measuring the ammonia content (i.e. ppm level) in amine acid gas and the stream exiting your reaction furnace (RF). These specialized services are another example of SRE’s commitment to the efficient and long-term operation of our clients’ SRUs by way of research and development.



Based on 20+ years of field-testing experience, SRE strongly recommends ammonia breakthrough from the RF is kept below 150 ppm. The prevention of ammonia salt formation in downstream condensers will ensure optimal sulfur recoveries are realized without capacity reduction, all while preventing costly shutdowns to unplug or replace condenser tubes.  While on-site, SRE Engineers will work with operations to maximize ammonia destruction by way of optimizing your front-side split parameters and, if applicable, adjusting the fuel gas co-firing strategy.

The combination of an SRU performance test and ammonia destruction study will minimize the potential risk of downstream ammonia salt formation in your SRU. SRE’s specialized services are designed to protect your facilities, personnel, and bottom line.